Causes of motion sickness in car

Causes of motion

Causes of motion sickness in the car

• Many of us vomit while traveling by bus. In the language of science, this reaction is known as motion sickness. Some people’s inner ear is slightly disturbed during fast travel. And this disorder causes dizziness, weakness, and vomiting.

• The very inner part of our ear has some nerve cells to detect motion, and these nerve cells give the body a sense of motion when it moves. If we read a book or close our eyes while traveling in a bus, our eyes send a message to the brain that “we are stable”. At the same time the inner ear sends the message “No, we are moving. The vestibular system of the ear falls into a dilemma with two types of information on the two nerves. On the other hand, this vestibular system works to maintain the balance of the body. So the head starts to spin because of the nervous error. Again, due to the same confusion, the brain assumes that something toxic must have entered the body. As a result, the brain wants to empty the stomach in response. The only immediate way out is vomiting. In fact, the body reacts exactly the same to eating any poisonous food. Causes of motion

Motion sickness can happen to anyone. An experiment showed that the problem could also be due to heredity. Of those who have regular motion sickness, 58 percent are hereditary. Women are more prone to this problem than men. On the other hand, people who suffer from migraines are 5 times more likely to have motion sickness than others. However, those whose inner ear nerves work less, have less of this problem.

• The fancy way to prevent nausea while traveling is to look outside. So that the eyes and ears can give the same information to the brain. Causes of motion


Medicine can also be taken as per the doctor’s advice before the journey. Also, avoid eating heavy meals before traveling.
Causes of motion


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